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Learning Cycle Tutors aims to be an environmentally friendly company that prioritizes bicycles as a mode of transportation and recreation for its Tutors, Students, and Families. Tutors who commute to the tutoring locations by bicycle will earn special recognition and be eligible for transportation-based incentives. Students and Parents who commute to work or school by bicycle and / or participate in optional recreational bicycling activities will earn credit for future tutoring rebates. We at Learning Cycle Tutors value the mental and physical well-being benefits of bicycling and are eager to share those benefits with our growing Tutor and Student Family. Listed below are several of our partner businesses.

Bicycling should be Safe and Accessible

Bike Austin
We envision Central Texas as a place where everyone recognizes and embraces the benefits of cycling, whether they ride or not, and where cycling is a common aspect of daily life for everyone. Central Texas has a comprehensive bicycle network enabling people in the region to comfortably, safely and efficiently use a bike for transportation and recreation. Bicycling supports the community as a whole by: increasing roadway capacity and user mobility; strengthening the economy and household affordability; improving the environment; and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

Opportunities to Ride Bicycles and Volunteer

Texas Cyclocross Project

Texas Cyclocross Project (formally known as Cyclocross Project 2015) is a youth cycling outreach program that collaborates with communities, parents, and other stakeholders to transform and empower youth between ages of 4-15. By providing free clinics and training sessions around August-December we foster the next generation of cyclists we can help develop principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork among participants.
Whether the participant is a first time cyclist/racer, we will provide an opportunity to teach the skills to help to the next level and grow the sport in Texas. Those who have no ambitions of racing, but are looking for a fun social cycling group to be a part of are encouraged to join our growing cyclocross community, too! Our Team Ambassadors will teach participants everything they will need to know about cyclocross. The participant will learn how to register for races, what to expect at various race venues, racing skills and technique, equipment suggestions, and other training tips.
Our Team Ambassadors have the experience and will help you learn everything you need to know in a non-intimidating environment!
The mission of the Texas Cyclocross Project is to:
  • Grow the sport of cycling by developing the next generation of serious cyclists.
  • Support Youth and Junior cyclists with a focus on principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork.
  • Promote a lifestyle of fitness and exercise to build a healthy environment for families.

Partnering with Us for All Things Bicycle

The Peddler Bike Shop at Avery Ranch

The Peddler Bicycle Shop started in 2005 in our original location on North Loop by Aubrey (AJ) Camp. From day 1 The Peddler has been about connecting with our customers, understanding their needs, and working hard on their behalf. Even with 2 great store locations and some of the best brands in the bicycle business our focus will remain to provide everyone that walks in our door with friendly, helpful service.

Providing Tutors and Students Fuel to Pedal!

Coover Caramels

A stay-at-home dad came up with an idea to stop his kids from asking to buy EVERYTHING at the store. To help them earn their own money, he pulled out Great Grandma's caramel recipe, they designed a logo and started selling to friends. The response was overwhelming, and so the story began...

JBS Nonprofit Consulting

JBS Nonprofit Consulting provides direction and guidance to newly forming nonprofits as well as established nonprofit organizations in the Austin, Cedar Park and surrounding communities. JBS Nonprofit Consulting specializes in nonprofit research and set-ups. 
JBS Nonprofit Consulting also can help with your event planning, fundraising, volunteer management and marketing needs. JBS Nonprofit Consulting also matches companies and individuals with compatible nonprofit organizations for charitable giving.

Learning Cycle Tutors is a Veteran Owned Business and a proud member of

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