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Learning Cycle Tutors is committed to helping Students achieve academic success while instilling the importance of environmental friendliness, recreational bicycling, and community service. We aim to accomplish this by delivering highly qualified academic tutoring, across a variety of subjects. We will deliver this service to the Student's doorstep, or to a location jointly decided by the Parent / Legal Guardian and the Tutor. Our method is to instill and continually develop Student Confidence, Competence, and Character. Optionally, Learning Cycle Tutors offers Tutors, Students, and their Families the opportunity to participate in our Ride to Live! program. The Ride to Live! program is designed to afford opportunities for Tutors, Students, and their Families to participate and / or volunteer in recreational bicycling to foster a love for the activity and take advantage of the mental and physical well-being gained through such activities. 
We believe in our Students and strive to ensure our Students believe in themselves. Confidence is the key to developing a willingness to learn new concepts, make honest mistakes, and grow academically. We aim to instill Confidence in all we do - both in our academic and recreational bicycling goals. Our Students will problem-solve, communicate, and share their Confidence with their peers, Teachers, and Parents alike.  
We elevate our Students' subject matter Competence to the forefront of our academic enrichment goals. While Confidence opens the door to enhancing our Students' academic growth, Competence in the subject-specific tasks, actions, and concepts will ensure their success and achievement. Without sound Competence, our Students could be confidently incorrect! We want them to be confidently correct in all they aim to achieve.
We desire to guide our Students to be Leaders of Character - both in the classroom and while participating in extracurricular activities. Our Students will be encouraged and provided feedback on the decision-making process. We want them to see and demonstrate the value of 'choosing the hard right over the easy wrong'. 

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